Seasteading & Other Efforts To Break Away From A Failed Society

You may already be thinking “there has to be a better way for us all to live together.” You may even have your own motivations for getting out of here and starting all over. Expatriates flee the U.S. for more welcoming shores every year (this year's total of 5,411 individuals is 26 percent more than last year's 4,279). And a recent global poll revealed that 700 million people wish they could live in a different country.

Currently, there are 195 models of governance in practice, and they’re mostly versions of the resulting societal configurations created from the messy ménage à trois of Labor, Capital, and Culture.
  1. Theocracies/Monarchies

  2. Dictatorships

  3. Communists

  4. Democratic Socialists

  5. Democratic Republics/Parliaments

...are currently the five dominant methods of managing people, property and peace. And no one has tried anything new in a long time.

Thailand, that re-wrote its constitution in 2014, chose the least progressive idea: a monarchy. Yet, our modern society isn’t your father’s proletariat. In just one generation, we’ve evolved from the world of telephone books and encyclopedias into an economically intertwined, culturally overlapping and socially interconnected network of global strangers. Now more than ever is the time to ask “Is this the best we can do?”